Timetables for PMLD Classes and Individuals – FREE GUIDE

PMLD Class Timetable

We held a workshop on Tuesday 12th October on designing timetables for children with severe and profound intellectual disabilities and PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities to support wellbeing and learning.

A whopping 150 people signed up to the event. As a result we have put together a free Timetables Guide.

Download FREE Timetables Guide

Thank you to Andrew Colley for this glowing review:

‘I have just read a wonderful booklet produced by the Community interest Company NAC (Non-verbal affective care) called ‘Timetables for learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties’. 

It is clear, accessible, wise and not afraid to challenge orthodoxy in this area. I don’t think I have ever read anything so useful on timetabling in my whole career. This document deserves to become a key resource in every special school (or indeed every school). If I had had something like this when I started out it would have saved a lot of time and heartache! I recommend it strongly.’