RESOURCES: Sensory Starter Pack by Sarah Hall

Jelly sensory exploration

Resources to help you get started with sensory activities. Ideas included cover sensory art and craft, sensory exploration, sensory cooking, sensory poems, resource ideas, app ideas, sensory activities and sensory pass the parcel.

Sarah’s Sensory Starter Pack is by Sarah Hall and Flo Longhorn. Sarah runs Willows Sensory Service and Flo Longhorn describes herself as a sensory being, a retired principal consultant in multisensory and special education, author, grandmother, beekeeper and President of the Friendship Force of the Belgian Coast!! Flo’s books are available to download for free now that she is retired. Free books to download by Flo Longhorn. Sarah Hall is a special education teacher who now works from her sensory room at home doing sensory sessions and complimentary therapy.

The inspiration for the Sensory Starter Pack was thinking about items they considered sensory staples if you needed a bag of tricks, for example, if supply teaching. This would include things like, bubbles, water sprayer, chiffon scarf, safe mirror, homemade shaker, chocolate buttons. The Pack contains practical, creative ideas of sensory activities to try. The ideas are often interchangeable, for example, red week could be red spaghetti, orange week could be orange spaghetti etc. Your spaghetti could represent hair in Rapunzel or worms in chocolate mousse mud.

The majority of ideas are cheap and often use recycled materials, for example a sink drainage mat or an old tennis racket becomes a personalized sensory mat, going on a a tactile sensory walk and collecting items to later explore, or perhaps use to make something e.g. leaf prints, make hand washing sensory with crazy soap and after washing hands have a hand massage. You can also photograph the results and display them or make a book share with others and enjoy your photos together.

There is even a list of ideas of things you can do with just a cloth!

Basically, it is a cornucopia of ideas to dip into.

It is a useful resource for anyone wishing to use sensory activities.

For more information and to buy a copy email Sarah Hall at [email protected].