RESOURCE: Promoting Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health for Children and Adults with Severe and Profound Intellectual Disabilities

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The emotional wellbeing needs of children and adults with severe and profound intellectual disabilities can often go unrecognised. Science has shown us that there is a wealth of natural, non-invasive things we can do that involve interactions, the senses and the body to help promote emotional wellbeing and protect against mental health problems. You will learn about research evidence and explore practical ways that you can support those you support, love and care for.

This course is for family members, education, health and social care professionals and therapists and is specifically designed to focus on the needs of children and adults with severe and profound disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and autism and is applicable to people with brain injury and dementia who use non-verbal methods of communication.

You will learn how a range of approaches, strategies and experiences can help promote wellbeing, and how to put these into practice.

The course will cover:

•  What emotional wellbeing is
•  What science tells us about how we can support emotional wellbeing
•  Specific considerations for people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities
•  Practical evidence-based approaches for supporting wellbeing