NEWS: Now Delivering Emotional Wellbeing In-Service Workshops

Mental health and emotional wellbeing for children and adults with severe and profound learning/intellectual disabilities and PMLD.

In this workshop we will explore the meaning of emotional wellbeing, it’s multi-faceted nature and what this means for how we can best support people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities with a range of strategies and approaches.

You will be introduced to a framework for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating for emotional wellbeing promotion, that has been specifically designed for this group of the population.

The approaches and strategies that you will learn about are based on the latest research evidence and what science tells us about how we can all most effectively take care of our emotional wellbeing and mental health.

About our workshops

A workshop for carers, family members, education, health and social care professionals and therapists exploring:

  • How to recognise and respond to needs
  • How to provide emotional care and support
  • Simple, effective, compassionate, practical, evidence-based strategies and approaches
  • How we can establish emotional care within daily routines and activities
  • Developing personalised emotional care and education plans

By attending this workshop you will learn strategies that:

  • Can be used in home and school and adult services and settings
  • Can be used to support children and adults
  • Do not rely on cognitive and language skills and abilities
  • Do not require any specialist equipment

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Dr Julie Calveley is the Founder Director of NAC, a UK based community interest company that exists to support the emotional wellbeing of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities and PMLD (

Julie is a registered learning disability nurse with over 25 years of experience and qualifications and training in psychology, mental health, behaviour, neuroscience and trauma.

She is the author of a number of publications and book chapters in the field of intellectual / learning disabilities.