NEWS: Welcome to Our Patron Michael Ambrose

Micky Ambrose

We are thrilled to announce that here at NAC we have a brand new Patron of the organisation; former Chelsea and Charlton professional footballer, equal rights activist, multi-million pound fundraiser, and Royal ambassador Michael Ambrose.

About Michael

From his early life on a milk round in Poplar, to a professional football career, Michael Ambrose has shown perseverance and dedication. Since his change in career, Michael has been a fighter for equal rights for more women in the boardroom; more ethnic minorities in senior management positions within sporting governing bodies, financial institutions and banks. He is passionate about giving our youth of tomorrow a chance on the pathway to career success.

Michael and NAC

Michael is a prolific fund-raiser who seeks to promote the welfare of others for the betterment of their own standard of living and welfare. We were over the moon when Michael approached NAC, because he has worked for many years in the field of special needs and has seen first-hand a lack of emotional wellbeing support and mental health needs being unmet. He is therefore delighted to be patron of an organisation that is dedicated towards this important area of care and education for those with most severe and complex needs, and we are delighted to have him.

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